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Returning to university can be a mix of excitement, stress, and anticipation. Crystals can be great tools to help focus, calm anxiety, and encourage a positive mindset.

Here are some crystals that are beneficial for students heading back to university:


Clear Quartz

Clear quartz can amplify energy and thought. It's an ideal crystal for clarity of thought and enhanced focus – perfect for studying.

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This stone is known for its calming energies. It can assist in improving intellectual thought. It also combats stress and anxiety, which are often common among students.

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Fluorite boosts comprehension, concentration, and decision-making. It's perfect for absorbing new information and staying focused during long study sessions.

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Known for its ability to inspire confidence and motivation, citrine can also help overcome feelings of being overwhelmed and promote joy.

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Black Tourmaline

This grounding stone is ideal for protection. It can help dispel negativity and help you stay focused on your goals. It's also known to help with electromagnetic smog, which might benefit those constantly around electronics.

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It encourages rational thought, objectivity, and intuition, making it great for those in more analytical courses. It can also calm the mind and ease stress.

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Lapis Lazuli

This stone stimulates the desire for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. It's excellent for intellectual analysis and problem-solving.

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Rose Quartz

Beyond its well-known uses for promoting love, rose quartz can also foster feelings of self-worth and aid in reducing homesickness.

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Often associated with abundance and prosperity, pyrite can also be used to foster positive thinking and ambition – great for those challenging assignments or projects.

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Carnelian boosts motivation and endurance. It's a stone of courage that can promote positive life choices and help boost our energy.

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When using crystals, it's important to remember that they are tools to complement other strategies. They are not a replacement for good study habits, taking breaks, getting enough sleep, or seeking professional advice when needed. Always prioritise your well-being and health during your academic journey. Good luck for the year ahead!

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