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Obsidian Tumbled Healing Crystal – Truth/Protection


Obsidian, the "Stone of Transformation," possesses a formidable energy that shields you from negativity and ushers in deep personal growth. Its glossy, black surface reflects the depth of its transformative power.

This crystal is a protective force, guarding you against harmful influences and psychic attacks. It acts as a mirror to reveal the hidden aspects of your psyche, facilitating deep inner transformation. Obsidian's energy is like a crucible, helping you release old patterns and embrace positive change.

With obsidian, clarity of thought and self-awareness become your allies. It encourages honesty and truthfulness, both with yourself and others. This crystal invites you to confront your shadow self and emerge stronger, wiser, and more empowered.

Embrace obsidian's transformative energy and let it guide you through the darkness into the light of self-discovery and personal evolution. With obsidian, you can find protection, clarity, and a path to profound transformation.

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  • Root


  • Saturn


  • Scorpio


  • Fire
  • Earth

FAMILY/GROUP: Natural glass (volcanic)

CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Amorphous (not a crystal)

FORMULA/COMPOSITION: Rock (not a crystal)

HARDNESS: 5 to 5.5

ORIGIN: Mexico

TREATMENTS: No Treatment


This crystal is suitable for water cleansing.


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Grounding & Protection Collection

The Grounding & Protection Collection features mostly black and brown crystals.

Black crystals are primarily known for their protective qualities. They offer a shield against negative energy, absorb and neutralise negative vibes, and provide a grounding effect. These crystals are often associated with the root energy centre related to grounding, security, and basic needs. Their connection with the root emphasises their role in providing stability, a sense of safety, and anchoring one's energy in challenging times.

Brown crystals are typically used for their grounding and balancing effects. They help connect with the earth, bringing a sense of stability and balance and aiding in practicality and decision-making. Often linked with the root and sacral energy centres, brown crystals support physical health, enhance one's connection to nature, and encourage rational, pragmatic thinking.