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Natural Rough Citrine from DR of the Congo (untreated)


Citrine embodies the energies of prosperity, joy, and success.

This crystal is a powerful magnet for abundance, inviting wealth and opportunities into your life. Its sunny disposition radiates joy and positivity, lifting your spirits and infusing your surroundings with an uplifting energy. Citrine enhances self-confidence and creativity, making it easier to express yourself and pursue your goals.

  • Success Magnet: Keep citrine at work to attract prosperity and focus on goals.
  • Confidence Booster: Hold citrine before important events for a confidence boost.
  • Productivity Aid: Place citrine on your desk to spark creativity and overcome procrastination.
  • Opportunity Magnet: Carry citrine to attract new opportunities and experiences.
  • Mood Lifter: Keep citrine nearby to uplift your mood and dispel negativity.

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  • Solar Plexus


  • Sun


  • Leo
  • Gemini
  • Aries


  • Fire

FAMILY/GROUP: Quartz (crystalline)


FORMULA/COMPOSITION: SiO₂ (silicon dioxide)


ORIGIN: Democratic Republic of Congo

TREATMENTS: No Treatment


This crystal is suitable for water cleansing.

Although citrine is relatively durable, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause its colour to fade. It's best to keep it away from intense sunlight for extended periods.


Based in Tanzania, this supplier operates their own buying office, enabling direct sourcing of gemstones from miners. They have done so for 4 decades. Their approach involves personal engagement with miners, facilitated by proficiency in local languages, ensuring ethical practices and fostering long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Primarily dealing with small-scale artisan miners, they prioritise community reinvestment, directing proceeds towards initiatives such as education, healthcare, and social development. Environmental sustainability is integral to their operations, with a focus on minimising mining impact and promoting agricultural land use post-mining. They also provide practical support to miners, including financial guidance and technical assistance, while encouraging responsible grading practices.

We do our best to consciously source crystals and to be transparent about supply chains. We would never knowingly work with a supplier who does not align with our values.

Read more about our ethical trading statement.

Joy & Success Collection

The Joy & Success Collection features mostly yellow, gold and orange crystals. These crystals are often associated with positivity, empowerment, and creativity.

Yellow crystals promote clarity of thought, increase awareness, and stimulate intellectual capabilities. They are often linked with the solar plexus energy centre, which is related to personal power, self-confidence, and identity. Yellow crystals help overcome fears, gain self-confidence, and enhance one's ability to make decisions and manifest personal desires.

Gold crystals are associated with abundance, power, and confidence. They attract wealth, inspire success, and promote well-being and emotional balance. Gold crystals are often used in practices that focus on achieving personal goals and enhancing leadership qualities.

Orange crystals are connected to creativity, sexuality, and emotional balance. Typically associated with the sacral energy centre, which deals with creativity, sexual energy, and interpersonal relationships, these crystals enhance creativity, boost emotional expression, and aid in pursuing pleasure and joy.