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Aries Crystal Healing Zodiac Kit


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Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars and is often associated with energy, courage, leadership, and passion. This crystal kit is tailored to resonate with Aries's vibrant and adventurous energies.

  • Carnelian: This vibrant stone resonates with Aries' fiery nature, enhancing vitality, courage, and creativity. Carnelian assists in channelling passion and energy towards constructive and creative endeavours, empowering you to take bold action.
  • Red Jasper: Known for its grounding and stabilising properties, red jasper can help balance intense energy. It assists in promoting patience, perseverance, and emotional equilibrium, helping you stay centred while pursuing your ambitions.
  • Bloodstone: A powerful healing stone, bloodstone aligns with Aries' warrior spirit, boosting courage, determination, and resilience. It also promotes a strong flow of energy, helping you to overcome obstacles and maintain your physical well-being.
  • Hematite: This grounding stone can provide stability and focus. Hematite helps transform scattered energy into a more cohesive force, promoting self-control and avoiding unnecessary conflicts.
  • Clear Quartz: As a universal amplifier, clear quartz aligns with Aries' dynamic energy to amplify intentions, desires, and the overall energy of the kit. Clear quartz enhances focus and clarity, aiding in achieving your goals.

How to Use the Aries Crystal Kit:

  • Meditation: Meditating with these crystals can enhance courage, leadership, emotional balance, and personal growth, aligning with Aries' innate qualities.
  • Daily Wear: Wearing or carrying them can serve as a constant reminder of Aries' strength, passion, and leadership abilities.
  • Goal Setting: Place these crystals near your workspace or where you set goals to infuse the area with focused and dynamic energy.
  • Physical Activities: Incorporate these stones into physical routines or activities to harness Aries' vigour and determination.

We do our best to consciously source crystals and to be transparent about supply chains. We would never knowingly work with a supplier who does not align with our values.

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