Our Statement On

Crystal & Gemstone Treatments

Our connection to the Earth and its natural treasures is personal and sacred. We value gemstones and crystals for their intrinsic energies and healing properties, recognising that these stones embody the planet's healing power. In our practices and offerings, we prioritise the purity and natural state of these stones, advocating for minimal intervention to maintain their original energy. We understand that for specific applications, like beads, maintaining a completely untreated state poses challenges, yet our commitment to naturalness remains steadfast.

Natural and Untreated: The Ideal Standard

We strive to keep our gemstones and crystals as natural and untreated as possible, ensuring they retain their original vibrational energy.

By keeping stones close to their natural state, we believe their spiritual properties are more powerful and uncorrupted.

These natural stones serve as authentic and potent tools for meditation, healing, and other spiritual practices, embodying the essence of purity in their untouched form.

Treatments We Accept: Heating and Irradiation

While our preference leans towards entirely natural and untreated stones, we recognise that specific treatments, such as heating and irradiation, mimic natural processes and can be acceptable.

These treatments, when applied judiciously, can be seen as extensions of the stone's lifecycle, enhancing its properties without severing its connection to its natural essence.

It's crucial, however, to consider the extent of these treatments, ensuring they do not drastically alter the stone's nature or appearance.


The Reality of Beads and Other Practical Uses

Achieving a completely untreated state can be challenging, particularly for items requiring uniformity like beads. In these instances, minimal treatments that do not significantly alter the stone's energy or appearance may be necessary. Our approach is pragmatic, focusing on the intention behind the stone's use and its overall energy rather than strict adherence to untreated standards. Transparency about any treatments is paramount, empowering you to make informed decisions aligned with your spiritual beliefs and intended use of the gemstones or crystals.

Products We Won't Stock

Our ethos does not support treatments that do not occur naturally or those that significantly alter the stone's essence.

These include dyeing, coating, and filling as they detract from the stone's natural energy and disrupt its vibrational energy.

This extends to the creation of synthetic stones. Completely man-made stones mimic natural gems in appearance but do not carry the Earth's natural energies. While they may be physically indistinguishable, their lack of natural origin makes them unsuitable for spiritual purposes.

We are committed to transparency, ensuring that any treatments are clearly disclosed, allowing for informed choices based on authenticity and integrity.


Our commitment to the natural integrity of gemstones and crystals reflects a balance between the natural world and practical human use. By favouring treatments that mimic natural processes and rejecting those that artificially alter the stones, we ensure that the spiritual energies of our offerings remain pure and effective. Our approach honours the natural essence of these treasures, keeping them powerful conduits for healing and growth while respecting the practicalities of their use in spiritual practices.

Typical Treatments

We have provided a reference list of common or typical treatments for materials in the wellness and jewellery industries.

The codes used mean the following:

indicates that the treatment is commonly used in the jewellery industry for things like, faceted gemstones, beads and cabochons.

* indicates that the treatment is commonly seen in the spiritual industry and typically on materials like clusters, slices, points or tumbled stones.

The frequency listed is brackets is based on the judgement of several gemmological laboratories, these may change from time to time. It ranges from no treatment, unknown, rarely, occasionally, commonly, almost always or always.

This is based on information obtained from the CIBJO Blue Books.

  • Amethyst (occasionally) †*
  • Amber (commonly) †*
  • Aquamarine (almost always) †
  • Carnelian (rarely) †*
  • Citrine (almost always) †*
  • Kunzite (commonly) †
  • Morganite (commonly) †
  • Prasiolite (commonly) †*
  • Ruby (commonly) †*
  • Sapphire (commonly) †*
  • Tanzanite (almost always) †*
  • Tiger's Eye (commonly) †*
  • Topaz (almost always) †
  • Zircon (blue and colourless -always) †
  • Kunzite (commonly) †
  • Morganite (commonly) †
  • Smoky Quartz (commonly) †*
  • Topaz (almost always) †
  • Agate *
  • Amber - to add colour (rarely)
  • Aquamarine †*
  • Aventurine †*
  • Carnelian (commonly) †*
  • Dalmatian jasper *
  • Jade (commonly) †*
  • Turquoise †*
  • Aquamarine - oil, wax (commonly) †
  • Azurite - wax (commonly) †
  • Emerald - oil, wax (commonly) †
  • Nephrite - wax (commonly) †
  • Mystic Topaz - coated (always) †
  • Aura Quartz - coated (always) †*
Man Made or Altered
  • Bismuth - hopper crystal formations (altered)
  • Blue Obsidian (usually man-made)
  • Cherry Quartz (man-made)
  • Green Obsidian (usually man-made)
  • Goldstone (man-made)
  • Opalite (man-made)