"We're here to bring the science and magic of crystals together and help make a positive effort into respecting the Earth so that the energy circles back our way."

About Self & Others

Candice founded Self & Others during the 2020 pandemic while in lockdown, with the intention of helping people discover the perfect crystals and tools to enhance their self-care rituals.

With a thoughtful and conscious approach, she sources crystals from various parts of the world, building personal relationships with producers to ensure fair pay, safe working conditions, and support for local communities.

As a certified gemmologist through The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A), Candice brings her expertise to the selection process, confidently handpicking high-quality crystals for her customers.

She has also completed a CMA accredited Crystal Healing Diploma and a CTAA accredited course in Clinical Aromatherapy.