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Rise & Reset – Manifestation Crystal Candle

Made in Australia
Woman owned

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Meet Rise & Reset - our 2024 manifestation crystal candle. These are a limited run so when they are gone, they are gone! 🏃‍♀️💨

I've teamed up with the O.G. crystal candle creator,@cleanseandco, and created the perfect manifestation crystal candle and ritual for you!

I chose the name Rise & Reset for this ritual candle as an invitation to reset your intentions and goals for the New Year and to rise up, like the sun, and shed light on the dreams and desires you've nurtured in the quiet corners of your heart, bringing them into reality. No more hiding them in the dark!

Topped with 3 crystals – orange calcite, pyrite and clear quartz – they are perfect to support your manifesting. I've also included a ritual card you can use that will walk you through my own personal manifestation ritual.

I hope you love it and here's to a 2024 filled with health, success and happiness!

Much love,


Kick-off your 2024 with our limited run Rise & Reset manifestation crystal infused scented candle.

The Crystals
Each crystal has been chosen specifically to support your manifestation ritual.

  • Orange Calcite radiates with warm and positive energy and is like a ray of sunshine for the soul. Its vibrant orange hues inspire creativity and joy, essential ingredients for successful manifestation. This stone excels in removing blockages and opening up pathways for energy flow, ensuring that your intentions are not hindered by self-doubt. Orange Calcite is a beacon of inspiration and motivation, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to manifest new opportunities and personal growth.
  • Pyrite is a shimmering stone of abundance and determination. Its golden lustre symbolises the sun's radiant energy, infusing your manifestation journey with confidence and assertiveness. Pyrite's grounding energy helps transform ambition into action, making it a magnet for prosperity and success. By encouraging a mindset of abundance and persistence, pyrite is the perfect companion to manifest wealth, career advancements, or any goal requiring a boost in determination.
  • Clear quartz is a crystal of clarity and amplification. Its transparency captures the heart of pure light, offering a direct connection to higher consciousness. This crystal is a powerful ally in manifestation, acting like a cosmic antenna that tunes into your deepest intentions and desires. Clear quartz transforms thoughts into tangible forms by harmonising and amplifying energy, making it an indispensable tool for setting intentions and manifesting dreams into reality.

The Ritual
Each crystal candle comes with a Rise & Reset card providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to do the ritual.

The Scent
Pistachio and Vanilla Malt — A deliciously creamy scent containing sweet notes of vanilla and savoury pistachio nut. A nostalgic fragrance taking you back to a simple summer beach day.


First things first, strip me bare – Remove all of my gems and accessories before we get started.

I love a two hour session – Allow me to melt to the edges of the jar before blowing me out, this will keep me even and on point each time.

I'm a clean cut kinda wick – I'm not a fan of the mushroom cut, keep me trimmed and sleek before re-lighting and my smoke will burn clean.

I hate being left alone – Although I love a 2 hour session, 3 hours is my max. Please don't forget about me or leave me unattended.

I'm a passionate greenie – Clean me up when 1-1.5cm of wax remains and I'll be yours forever. If you wish to part ways, please recycle me.