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Angelite Half-Polished Rough – N°01


Angelite is a crystal that radiates a serene and ethereal energy. Its soothing blue hues create a sense of calm and tranquillity.

This crystal is a powerful tool for communication, enabling you to express yourself with clarity and compassion. It helps you bridge the gap between your thoughts and words, making it easier to convey your thoughts and emotions. Angelite also deepens your connection with the angelic realms, opening the door to spiritual guidance and insight.

Embrace angelite to create a serene space within your being and surroundings. Let it be a conduit for higher wisdom and inner peace. With angelite, you can foster clearer communication, tap into spiritual awareness, and connect with the gentle energies of the angelic realm, guiding you on your spiritual journey.

Approx. Size: 95mm x 70mm x 25mm
Weight: 252g

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  • Throat
  • Crown


  • Neptune


  • Aquarius


  • Water


CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Orthorhombic

FORMULA/COMPOSITION: CaSO₄ (calcium sulphate)

HARDNESS: 3 to 3.5


TREATMENTS: No Treatment


Angelite is very sensitive to water and moisture. Even short exposure to water can alter its structure, potentially dissolving it or turning it into gypsum. Therefore, it's crucial to keep it away from water, including during cleaning.

Angelite is relatively soft with a Mohs hardness of around 3.5, making it prone to scratches and chipping. Handle it gently to prevent damage.

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight might fade its colour. It's best to keep angelite in a shaded place where it is not exposed to intense light.


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Balance & Communication Collection

The Balance & Communication Collection features mostly blue crystals. Blue crystals are often associated with communication, clarity, and tranquillity.

They aid in expressing thoughts and feelings more effectively, enhancing clarity of thought, and promoting calmness and peace. These crystals are typically linked with the throat energy centre related to communication, self-expression, and truth. This connection emphasises their role in fostering honest and clear communication, enhancing artistic expression, and aiding in the pursuit of truth and knowledge.

Additionally, some blue crystals are connected to the third eye energy centre, enhancing intuition and inner wisdom. This association highlights their ability to deepen understanding, broaden perspective, and foster a connection between logical thinking and intuitive insights.