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What's in a name? Apparently a whole lot when it comes to Sunstone. It's a unique crystal that is often compared to the warmth of the sun. Simply put, when life is getting you down, you just need some sparkle!

What Is Sunstone?

Sunstone is a peachy, orange to orange-yellow stone from the Feldspar mineral group.

Feldspars have two main subgroups: the potassium feldspars (that contain, you guessed it… potassium) and plagioclase (that contain calcium and sodium).

Other members of the Feldspar groups include Amazonite, Moonstone and Labradorite. It contains small Hematite, Copper or Goethite platelets which produce a sparkly and glittering effect.

This iridescent effect is caused by the light reflecting off these platelet inclusions. A similar effect is seen with light reflecting off of the Mica inclusions in Aventurine, which is why its sometimes also known also as "Aventurine Feldspar".

The name derives from Sunstones believed to have been used for navigation in the Middle Ages.

AAA Grade Sunstone Specimen viewed at 10x magnification. © Self & Others, Candice Hamilton


Chemistry: (Ca,Na)((Al,Si)2Si2O8)
Crystal System: Triclinic
Crystal Family: Feldspar
Hardness: 5 to 6
Source: Australia, Canada, India, Norway, United States
Colour: Orange, yellow, red, brown (sometimes blue and green)
Quality: High quality specimens of this mineral are typically a deep orange colour, with plenty of aventurescence present. Lower quality specimens may be creamy white or pale orange in colour, and have few aventurescence.

What are the Benefits And Healing Properties Of Sunstone?

Sunstone is a warm, bright and energising stone. Representing the power of the Sun, it restores our optimism and promotes positive energy. It helps us to change our negative energies and thoughts into positive ones.

It’s also a stone that fosters self-worth, independence and self-empowerment. It’s great for creativity, vitality and productivity. This healing crystal restores our sparkle and reminds us to step into the light and let our inner shine out

Keywords: Positivity, Optimism, Joy, Happiness, Self-Worth, Independence, Self-Empowerment, Creativity, Confidence, Productivity, Vitality. 

Colours: Yellow, Orange
Energy Centre: Sacral, Solar Plexus
Energy: Projective
Zodiac: Leo
Element: Fire
Celestial Body: Sun
Number: 1
Incense & Oils: Ginger, Cinnamon

Sunstone Specimen (left) and tumble stone (right). © Self & Others, Candice Hamilton


How To Clean And Care For Sunstone?

Sunstone is safe to use in water and can be charged in the Sun.

Are there any Health Risks with Sunstone?

No information on health risks have been identified but you should always treat mineral specimens with care.

How To Use Sunstone?

  • Energy Centres – Placing a Sunstone on energy centres can help open and align them.
  • Wearing or carrying – Carry one in your pocket or you can wear Sunstone as jewellery to bring positivity.
  • Office or Workspace – for productivity, creativity and to stay energised and focused throughout the day.


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